Why choose us?

  • Sick and tired of being placed on a machine or a hot pack and left alone ?
  • Not getting enough one on one time with the physiotherapist ?
  • Ever been simultaneously booked with 3-4 other patients during your appointment time ?
  • Have you been asked to multiple times per week, or asked to continue having regular treatments when you feel you don’t need to ?
  • Not getting results from your treatments ?

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions above, then we believe you have been to the wrong provider. At ExL Physiotherapy & Sports Rehab, we believe your health is our number 1 priority, and we will do what it takes to improve your health. We offer extended consultations (45-60 minute appointments) so you will have more one on one time with the physiotherapist, and will not be left alone on a machine whilst the therapist attends to another patient. As we believe your time is valuable, you will not be double booked, and will have more one on one time with the physiotherapist. Most patients will usually get results after 3-4 sessions, and you will not be asked to make regular bookings if not required.

We are have unlimited parking available in a car park, disability parking, and street parking nearby. Although there is a strong network of general practitioners nearby, you do not need a doctor’s referral to see the physiotherapist. Same day appointments are possible, and there is also a reduced waiting time, and you will be seen on time for your appointment. You do not have to be a Fitness First member to see the physiotherapist, but will have the opportunity to gain access to the state of the art gym equipment and facilities during your consultation for exercise rehabilitation in order to assist you make a full recovery from your injury.