Plaster application & removal


Most fractures require a period of immobilisation, often about 4-6 weeks. ExL Physiotherapy & Sports Rehab provides an emergency plastering service which not only ensures that your fracture can be stabilised and your pain reduced immediately, but can save you hours of waiting in public hospital emergency departments. We stock a variety of casting materials and our physiotherapists are trained in the application of these casts.

Fibreglass plaster casting

This is used to immobilise a particular joint for 4-6 weeks while enabling the fracture to heal. In addition, modern waterproof lining under a synthetic cast makes the cast completely waterproof. This allows the patient to shower or even swim whilst in the cast.

Cam Boot application

This serves the same purpose as a fibreglass cast, but designed to give you more flexibility and mobility than a standard plaster or fibreglass cast. It enables you to weight bear on the affected foot while stabilising the ankle joint. It can also be removed for cleaning and to allow you to check your skin for irritation or redness.

Cost for plaster application from:$130.00 (health fund rebates apply)
Cost for Cam Boot application:$130.00 (health fund rebates apply)